Here are some stories.

Episode 01


Becca talks about how she discovered a love for floristry and how that grew into a business. She believes in supporting local farmers and using sustainable practices. Deep down, she wants to use design to warm our hearts.

Episode 02

Jamison, Manada Technology

"Always be delivering value." Jamison enjoys the energy that comes from working at St@rtup. He faces challenges with a positive attitude, more than one perspective, and the understanding that it's the difficult things that define an adventure.

Episode 03

Chad, The Foundry Makerspace

Chad goes out of his way to connect with others to make a difference in the community. When this docuseries was just an idea, he was an early supporter offering encouragement and connecting me to people to help it succeed. Thank you! Chad started @foundrymakerspace to support STEAM education and the 4Cs: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Episode 04

Lauren, Susquehanna Art Museum

Lauren showed me that whenever I feel stressed, there’s peace to be found in the love of art. Just thinking about my days back in HACC’s arts program makes me smile! Lauren wants us to discover something unexpected every time we visit a gallery. She designs gallery spaces that not only show amazing works of art, but through the artists’ point of view, we’re also seeing the world, and perhaps even ourselves.

Episode 05

Sierra, Ezer Rising

“We have content just flowing every single day of the week from these amazing women, who, again, are just volunteering their time and emotional energy, because we are all so invested in seeing women freed from patriarchy and seeing women freed from oppression.” Sierra’s story gave me goosebumps. She works hard every day for this important cause and stands up for people that she cares deeply for.

Episode 06

Laura, Whole Wide World Toys

Laura’s journey started with wanting to share the love of travel with children. It led to designing a product, starting a business, and building a community of entrepreneurs.

Episode 07

Adam, St@rtup Harrisburg

Adam loves this community. In fact, he founded St@rtup Harrisburg years ago so people and businesses had a place to work together, to collaborate, and to thrive together. Here’s his story.

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