Midtown Talk

After years of chasing deadlines, I finally wanted to break out of my shell, meet new people, and escape from the computer. Midtown Talk is a platform to share their stories.

I'm a classic introvert, so naturally I had to make an entire project just to do this. The people that work in Midtown are inspiring. They have individual dreams, but are connected by a sense of community, a willingness to work incredibly hard, and a strong desire to see their vision through to fruition.

Ultimately this experience has led to new friendships, new ideas, and rebranding into Midtown Design.


Brand Strategy


Mid Penn Video

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Midtown Talk - Lauren - Susquehanna Art v3_Moment 4

Thank you for being so supportive and helpful through my first year with LOCAFLORA! I love being part of a community like this one.

Becca Muller


This is so cool Daniel. Amazing work!!

Jamison Rotz
Owner, Manada Technology


I participated in Midtown Talk to share some behind the scenes details from the career I am passionate about. So much love goes into the artwork we exhibit at SAM, and we hope to share as much of it with our community as possible. I trusted Daniel to accurately represent the museum, and our staff, in a sensitive manner. I enjoyed my time with Daniel during the preparation for filming and while recording! It is so rewarding to share my passion with someone who has a genuine interest in art and in our community. Daniel made it an easy process, and allowed for lots of flexibility. When I saw the final video it made me emotional! It was touching to see myself in the museum’s main gallery talking about the journey my career in the arts has taken. Daniel captured something about me from a perspective I rarely get to see.

Lauren Nye
Director of Exhibitions, Susquehanna Arts Museum

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