Hi, I'm Midtown Design.
I think there's a lot of noise in the world, so I help brands share Stories That Ring True.

Here's some work.

Here are some stories.

Becca Muller

Becca Muller


The Role of Empathy
Sustainable Design
A Gift of Flowers

Midtown Talk, Episode 01

Jamison Rotz

Jamison Rotz

Founder, Manada Technology

Starting a Tech Company
Always Deliver Value
The Journey

Midtown Talk, Episode 02

Chad Fray

Chad Frey

President, The Foundry Makerspace

Asking Big Questions
The Foundry
21st Century Skills

Midtown Talk, Episode 03

Lauren Nye

Lauren Nye

Director, Susquehanna Art Museum

Three-dimensional Thinking
Gallery Design
Art & The Community

Midtown Talk, Episode 04

Sierra White

Sierra White

Founder, Ezer Rising

God's Feminist Movement
Ezer Rising
Fighting Patriarchy

Midtown Talk, Episode 05

Laura Barta

Laura Barta

Owner, Whole Wide World Toys

Product Design
The Joy of Travel
Women Helping Women

Midtown Talk, Episode 06

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Overcoming Challenges


Your Brand
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Brand Strategy
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You're on a Team
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Team stories
Teamwork during change

Meet Daniel

I love LOTR, SciFi, and think a lot of ads are boring.

Oh good. You're still here, this is the about me part. I grew up in central PA, work hard, and love walks, mochas and dusty books. I'm rather independent.

The people that I work with are incredibly inspiring. They're business owners, dreamers, and take on many roles—personal and professional—to live the life that they choose.

I work with them on the journey of brand, design, and story. Everyone has a powerful story that’s waiting to be unleashed upon the world. Satisfaction is to be found in the research, the collaboration, and a belief that deep down, we want something that’s real.

Wanna work with me?